Hokan's House Woes Page

I bought my house on 29 June 2005 from Dean Hoyt and Christine Hoyt. The sellers were represented by Molly Shannon Irish, Realtor. Molly's office is 2994 Rice Street St. Paul, MN 55113. Her phone numbers are: Direct 651-203-4737, Cell 651-402-3132, Fax 651-203-4664. Her email is molly@mollyirish.com.

When I walked through the house the evening before the closing, I saw lots of junk still strewn about, especially construction waste mostly from a garage construction project. At the closing I asked that the sellers remove the construction waste and I asked for a monetary deposit as assurance that the waste would be removed. They agreed to remove the waste and assured me that the deposit was unnecessary. They seemed honest folk so I retracted my request for a deposit.

Someone (Dean?) did come by and remove some stuff. On 6 July the city trash crew left a note saying that they would not remove construction waste and if it was not removed by the following Wednesday 13 July a city crew would come out and remove it and bill me for their efforts. I called Molly Irish, Realtor, and reminded her of her and her clients commitment to remove the waste. She said that Dean would be out and to call her on Tuesday (12 July) if that did not happen and she would remove it herself. On Tuesday I called her to tell her that the waste was still there. She said Dean would be out later that day.

Today, Wednesday 13 July the waste is still there.

It seems that Dean and Christine Hoyt and Molly Irish can not be trusted.

Update: 1 August

I put the waste that wasn't already in piles, in piles, and took pictures

Btw, they told me that they had fixed the problem with water in the basement by installing drain tiles and a sump pump (and my inspector told me they hired the best in town to install the drain tiles and sump pump)... had never had water in the basement since. But it rained last week and I had puddles in the basement. They got it wrong again, I guess. I'm guessing I can fix this probme with some minor landscaping. Right now the slope of the land (and sidewalk) is toward the house in some places. I'll be fixing that soon.